Dolphin Gamecube Emulator

This Page has been writen by Daco Nightshade & N4ch007 for the Dolphin Community.
I will upload the latest Dolphin revision builds I compiled here.

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Sunday 2 Oct 2011 @ 8:19 GMT By DacoTaco
got unlazy and fixed my building system for the GIT master branch. enjoy! btw, as usual you can contact me if anything doesn't work at admin[attttt]dacotaco{dawt}com

Monday 16 Aug. 2010 @ 14:57 GMT By DacoTaco
moved everything to my new site. some things might now function fully yet or something but it should all work. if not, contact me at admin[atzzz]dacotaco{dooottttt}com

Monday 7 sep. 2009 @ 9:39 GMT By DacoTaco
after some lulz fun darkstone(owner of a mirror that you never noticed was there cause the site does it all for you) and me had, we fixed some problems ppl were having while downloading.
if anything special happens DO let me know on the dolphin site or forum!
AND DONT SAY OUR SITE SUCKS cause i doubt any host likes a TB of transfer in a few months :)
Have fun

EDIT by DacoTaco @ 17:12 GMT :
almost forgot! look at the new news layout! and im not even using any software to do it :P


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